Pacific Northwest Haunts: CRYPTICON!

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

Pacific Northwest Haunts: CRYPTICON!

The Pacific Northwest is known for its rain, fog, haunting forests, and Bigfoot! We also have one of the coolest horror conventions this side of the Rockies! Want to know Tom Savini’s secrets? How about Nicholas Brendon’s best Buffy stories? A film festival, authors, horror treasures, Gothic toys, makeup contests, writing contests, a vendor’s room, live action role play for the zombie freaks, parties, and macabre burlesque! What more could any fiend want?

I had a chat with the godhead of gruesome himself, Troy Bowers, the owner and brainchild behind this frightfest!



Let’s talk about Crypticon. What can fans expect this year?

This year’s lineup of celebrities already includes 15 stars of the horror genre like, Lew Temple and Vincent Ward of the Walking Dead, Diane Franklin of Terror Vision, Better Off Dead and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Tom Savini of Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th, and the unforgettable From Dusk ‘Til Dawn.  Not to mention 20+ of the horror genre’s best writers and artists, such as Charity Becker of Presence, is her supernatural horror/thriller series set in Washington State offers a little local terror flavor, Rick and Melinda Reeves, the 2011 winners of Crypticon Seattle’s writing contest with their entry, Dear Diary and their first full-length novel, The After Dark Chronicles: Survival.

Whether our fans choose a full weekend pass or just a single day pass, they’ll still have a great time with access to a multitude of Guest Speakers, Biohazard Room Parties, Costume Ball, Writing Contest, Crypticon Film Festival.


What sets Crypticon apart from many of the other horror conventions out there? (Besides being a Pacific Northwest gem!)

We pride ourselves on being a fan based convention, where attends can still get up close and personal with guests stars. Fans can also get involved in the movie festivals to learn the various aspects of what it takes to make films, special effects, and more.



The convention covers every spectrum of horror from films to writing. How can different artistic mediums help each other to promote great horror?

One of the best things about going to a convention is being able to see exactly what you’re asking about. Graphic artists, movie makers, actors, makeup artists, costumers all lined up in the same building with full access to each other’s art. Throw in a healthy mix of fan fiction and Q&A sessions and the ideas just seem to roll on for all three days. One person mentions an idea, and artists sketches out a design, an actor says, “Hell yeah I’d play that.” And a producer takes the ball and runs with it.  Anything is possible when you get that much creativity in one building.

What started this crazy venture?

This started out as a partnership with a friend and a strong love for the genre. Now, several years later and that passion has grown to be part of my everyday life.


Any hints on some dark surprises in the film festival?

You and your readers would know better than most exactly how many choices there are out there for horror films. The decision is almost overwhelming! I’m so glad I have a great team of horror lovers who not only love the genre, but they actually work in it as well.  One of our goals every year is to try and ensure that we can get a movie that was awesome, and we can get the director to showcase it. We can’t guarantee its always going to happen with schedules being the way they are in the film industry these days, but since we love horror as much as the fans, we want make it happen as best we can!


I know it sounds cliché, but I suggest that everyone keep an eye on and our Facebook page for updates. You may even find it easier to join us on Twitter or our RSS feeds.  One way or another, this gonna be good. Don’t miss it.