The Gothic Library

Posted on Sep 4, 2013

The Gothic Library

Fibolg Publishing is dedicated the Gothic literary tradition, both modern and classic. Our anthologies always feature the masters of yesteryear as well as modern authors capturing the same tone, feel, and atmosphere of the famous (or infamous) dark fiction writers of the 1800s and early 1900s. The term Gothic has expanded beyond the literary realm, and now encompasses art, music, clothing, and of course, writing.


“Four Horsemen of Apocalypse” (1887) by the Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov

“Four Horsemen of Apocalypse” (1887)
by the Russian artist
Viktor Vasnetsov


The Gothic Library is an ever-growing collection of those dark shadows that represent the highest achievement in Gothic. Is this somewhat subjective? Why of course. Our Gothic world is seeped in the themes, atmosphere, and conflicted emotions made famous by Shelley, Byron, Poe, Lovecraft, Hawthorne, the Brontë sisters, and many more. Capes swirl, the mist curls around an ankle, and fear clenches the heart. Voices whisper from the darkness, and phantoms haunt the shadowy night.

If this is your world, “Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring!” 

                 ~Dracula, chapter two