Anthocon 2012

Posted on Nov 13, 2012

Anthocon 2012

Anthocon 2012

What a weekend! This was Firbolg Publishing’s first conference and it was a blast. We talked, drank, talked, drank (did I say that?) and met some amazing people. Books were flying everywhere, horror was creeping down the hallways at every turn, fantastic keynote address from Gary Braunbeck, wonderful panels, great author readings… the Four Horsemen made it all happen beautifully. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then we shall let them do the talking!

Firbolg Publishing represents!

The glorious Mr. Gregory Norris, the lovely Sandy Shelonchik, and the mysterious David Bernstein!

The amazing Broad Universe and Spence City

The indomitable Charles Day and Evil Jester Press

Tim Deal and the astounding Shroud

note the gothic skulls and gargoyles… very nice!

goddess Trisha Wooldridge

nothing more needs said here!

B.E. Scully reading from her new short story collection The Knife and the Wound It Deals

Author Richard Wright, Post Mortem Press and unknown backsides

Reclusive Oregon artist Malcolm McClinton comes out of hiding!

Trio of trouble!

Tim Deal, B.E. Scully, and Andrew Wolter


It was an incredible weekend. The pictures only capture one-tenth of the energy, excitement and insanity! Already planning for next year…