Welcome to Firbolg Publishing. As the senior editor, I want to introduce you to our corner of the world.

The Firbolg were, according to history, the first people of Ireland. They are an ancient race, almost legendary and mythical. Firbolg Publishing was born out of this mysterious Celtic past, but we don’t stop there. We are home to both the Gothic past and the Gothic present. Each of our themed collections features old masters and new voices, all in the Gothic tradition. Psychological fear, ghosts, supernatural events, dark shadows, the edge of insanity… you will find them all quite at home here. Horror is not a new phenomenon, and its roots reach back well over 200+ years in popular fiction. Ghosts, ghouls, and revenants lurk in the pages of medieval texts. The Romans even wrote of spirits and hauntings! Modern horror has plenty of gore and guts, but there is also a shadowy world of terror out there. It is, as H.P. Lovecraft reminds us, the fear of the unknown. Was that a branch against a window or something more sinister? Firbolg Publishing unites Lovecraft, Poe, Shelley, Le Fanu, and many others with their contemporary counterparts to bring the full scope of horror right into your living room. We will make you afraid…

We also believe in giving back to communities. A business is not simply about selling product and making money. We are proud to be part of the Generous e-commerce platform. You decide how much you pay for our books, and each sale raises money for a charity! We’re already connected to the World Wildlife Fund and The Jimmy Wilson Foundation, and we will be adding more charities soon. Buy a horror book to end the real horrors around us.



About the editor

I’ve been a fan of horror for as long as I can remember. I found The Tailypo on a shelf in my elementary school and read “Jenny Green Teeth” to my five year old sister when I was eight. This was a life-altering experience for both of us, trust me. In high school, I found Stoker, Shelley, Poe and the many other masters of old. These tales reached into the deep recesses of my psyche, and I continued to seek out Gothic dark fiction whenever and wherever I could.

While working on my PhD in Irish history, I kept running across these Gothic stories of the 1800s. Many were published in long-forgotten magazines and pamphlets only available in musty archives haunted by historians. I wanted to resurrect these tales. But what of the new voices? What of those authors who imbue the spirit of this bygone era? What of those who capture the essence of Shelley, Poe, Byron, Le Fanu and others? They must speak as well!

Welcome… and enter at your own risk!

–Alex Scully